Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Scrap Space

The lovely Donna White recently shared her scrap space on the Scrapbook Savvy Forum and has put up a challenge to all to share yours too.  Well I was in absolute aawwwee of everyone's storage of their stash.  So it was time for me to clean my mess up before I photograph.  And now its done, here is my creation station.  I'm lucky enough to have my own room to scrap in, and can leave it in a mess and shut the door to come back to it later.  I always scrap with noise in the background, either music or the tv - it helps me create!

I made my own photo frames to showcase my latest fave layouts on the wall.  This is where I scrap most nights, if I've got company we scrap on the dining room table so we can spread out and make an even bigger mess!  That green tablecloth is about to be upgraded, I'm thinking calico but am worried my chocolate nibbling habit while scrapping will mark them too quickly ha ha ha ha

And here is where most of my stash is stored, in this awesome shelving from Ikea I got 5 years ago:

This looks neat and tidy hey? I wonder how long that will last!!!!

And I must confess, there's a pile on the floor (that's not in the photographs LOL) of stuff I need to sort out, like scrapping mags, photography mags, old scrap crap etc etc.  Thats a job for another day because after this clean up I'm exhausted!!!


donna said...

thanks for joining in Chrissy! I had a great giggle about your pile not in the photos! I love your shelving.. I wish I could have it!
love Donna

Anne P said...

Wow, that is just too clean... I think you need to go scrap up a mess :)

Francine said...

hehehehehehe love that you have a mess on the floor thats too love those ikea shelves wanted some for soo long...must try for this