Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm ssssoooo bored at *work* right now I'm seriously going out of my mind.  So I thought I come here, to pass the time and make a post.

So if you read my store a couple of months ago about an eventful trip to Wollongong with Del to Scrap, well the drive home from Scrapbooking Delights last Saturday was nearly just as much fun.  We departed Dapto about 9.30pm, getting a bit weary so thought we'd hit the road before it got too late.  Well about 10 mins into the drive we hit fog, not just a little bit, A LOT.  It was thick, and we could barely see a metre in front of the car.  Both Del and I had our little noses stuck to the windscreen, eyes wide open, doing 50 k/hr in a 110k zone.  Del was in charge of the Hazard lights (I was concentrating too hard to find the switch LOL)  It seemed like it took forever, even though we kept chatting all the way.  I'm sure you south coast girls have experienced it many times, but I have never driven in fog like that before.  I had been taking photos all day....but in our extreme concentration I forgot to snap the fog - what sort of slack scrapper am I!!  On the upside I'm stoked we didn't get a flat tyre!!!!

Anyways, now that you've read my short boring story, you're probably ready for a nap.  10 minutes of my day has just passed so mission accomplished if you ask me.  Only 10 more minutes to go till home time.....counting down

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